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Email FAQ

Complete Email FAQ

Video Tutorial

How to setup Outlook Express with CAS email


Antivirus FAQ

Antivirus FAQ


Video Tutorial

How to update AVG Antivirus

Perform a SPYWARE scan

Reset Modem

Resetting Your Modem

Video Tutorial

Reset your modem

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Email FAQs:

Add an e-mail account.

. net

Forgot username and password.

How to check your email when you are away from home.

How to set up an e-mail account in Outlook Express.

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Anti virus FAQs:

CAS Cable Customer Services


I don't have any antivirus software on my PC.

I think I have a virus or spyware on my computer, but my antivirus program is not detecting it.

I have cleaned out the viruses and spyware but my computer still seems to be running slow.

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Internet Connection FAQs:

I hooked up a new computer and the Internet does not work?

How to connect multiple computers to the Internet?

How can I make my computer or laptop work wirelessly so I don't have to be plugged into the modem?

How can I connect my computer to the modem through the usb connection?

How can I run windows updates on my computer?

How can I create an icon/shortcut on the desktop of specific websites for quicker access?

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Modem FAQs:

No lights are lit up on the cable modem?

The downstream/receive light is blinking on my cable modem?

The upstream/send light is blinking on my cable modem?

My send/receive lights are blinking on/off at the same time?

The online light is blinking on the cable modem?

The Internet is not working and there is no activity/link light blinking on my cable modem?

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